FLOKATI rugs are very durable as rugs. They are inherently stain resistant due to the natural oils in the wool. Follow these basic care instructions and you'll enjoy your flokati for years to come..


You can vacuum your flokati rug.
Vacuum in one directing—don’t go in a back and forth motion with the vacuum. Start in the middle of the rug and pull the vacuum back towards the edge. Place the vacuum back in the middle and repeat.
Most spills come out with a damp cloth.
Spot clean with dish-washing liquid and warm water.
You can also use RESOLVE foam cleaner to spot clean. It works well on flokati. This is readily found at most larger food retailers and home stores.
We use an inexpensive stiff bristle plastic brush on our flokati. You can get a rug rake—but the brush works just as well. Brushing will remove anything topically and will straighten the wool.

Machine wash your flokati with cold water- Mild detergent like woolite- use plenty of liquid fabric softener – Air dry or tumble with NO heat.
Flokati rugs are tough. They wear very well –even in traffic areas.
Thank you for your purchase!